7 steps to a better life

Sometimes we live our life, without realizing that it has become something completely different than what we sign-up for.  Suddenly, we wake up to find that we live a completely crazy life and that we somewhat forgot who we are and what we truly want.  So many of us feel trapped in a hectic schedule, with next to no time to do what we truly care about – spending time for and with our family and friends.  But how to achieve a balanced life? Why is it so difficult to be stress free, to feel the fulfillment that comes from belonging to a community, and to do good around us?

Here are some few guidelines to get your life back on track:

Choose yourself first

We can’t truly take care of others if we’re not at our best.  And it’s not being selfish to save some time for us.  If we feel better, we have more energy, are more positive and naturally nicer to people around us.  So one ting that you could do to make sure you don’t forget yourself down the road is to schedule a date with yourself one a week. Inform your family and friend, and stick with it.  It’s going to be your time to do what you always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time for it, like reading this famous book, learning a new language, going to see a play or simply relax and do nothing.  This time should be sacred for you and don’t let anything get in the way of this special “just for you” time. It’s in those special moments that we can reconnect with our true self, and makes us feel good.

Review your priorities

Time is precious, and there’s only 24 hours in a day. It’s your life, so it’s your responsibility to see how to use it wisely. Stop reacting to life and decide consciously what deserve your time and attention. It’s so easy to get caught by life’s crazy pace and to forget what’s truly important.  So if your schedule doesn’t reflect your priorities, it’s time to change it.

Stop the leak

We often keep many things that drain our energy. Might it be persons, places or things, you need to stop the energy leaks once and for all.  One of your friends is negative and her non-stop complaints drain you? Your office is so messy that you feel bad just thinking about it? Your uncompleted tax report is bothering you?  Take the time and effort it takes to fix all the energy leaks.

Know where your money goes

Financial insecurity is at the root of many life’s worries. If you feel trapped by money matters, it’s time to invest in your financial health.  The first step to do this is to take the time to see where the money is going.  There’s also many free online tools and articles to help you achieve financial health.  Money is energy, and it’s important to know how to deal with it.

Stop being an adrenaline junkie

In a fast paced environment, where we’re always bombarded with information, it’s easy to rely on adrenalin as our main energy source. However, adrenalin produces a hormone called cortisol, which contributes to premature ageing.  And like refined sugar, adrenalin can give you a quick boost, but the higher you get with it, the deeper you plunge afterward.  If adrenalin is your main energy source, it’s time to find healthier, more reliable ones.  Find what makes you feel good and focus on healthier energy sources like nutritious foods, meditation, exercise, etc.

Connect with others

Human beings are gregarious “animals”.  A balanced life always implies high quality relationships with others. It’s important to find people that are there for you, whom encourages you and makes you want to give the best of yourself.  Want to meet new people?  Why not attend some courses or attend some events in your region.  Try to overcome your shyness; everybody seeks to have deeper links with other people.

Take a spiritual journey

To truly take your life in your hands, you have to be in contact with your inner self.  Develop you inner wisdom, and life will guide you to the best for you.  Whether it is by meditating, attending to a religious center or simply by deep breathing and feel the connection with nature, start a daily practice. You won’t regret it!

Changing your life is not always an easy task.  It takes time and efforts, but the results you can expect are beyond words.  Stop waiting and get the life you deserve.

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