112 thoughts on “7 Detox Smoothies With Added Health Benefits

  1. Chikong says:

    they are ready in minutes and you can buy the ingredients in any supermarket!

    my advice: instead of excuses take action 

  2. I’m sure you have several pitfalls yourself – why not work on your weeknesses?

  3. Oh to have great smoothies you need a great blinder! Have a look at this one ==> http://amzn.to/VitamixBestPricehp 

    It comes with 7 years! guarantee and you can prepare almost all your meals with it :)

  4. almost forgot: thanks for the great recipes! yummie :)

  5. Anwar Setyawan says:

    Hey, i like your smoothie recipes, this is my first visit
    I have a blog too http://www.myjuicingrecipes.net/

  6. lifewithnature says:

    Of course, Vitamix makes outstanding blenders!

  7. Smoothies are my favorite and a quick way to a nutritional meal when I have busy day. 

  8. Your “Peanut butter energy booster” is a great protein shake that anyone following a raw food diet can drink to replenish the muscles after a hard workout
    Nice post

  9. ManuMalca says:

    always recommend taking shakes without sugar http://www.enamorarchicas.com/

  10. Rinkesh says:

    Thanks for great smoothies ideas. I gey used to enjoying in the mornings. It makes me energized and full longer. I love smoothies with banana, milk and yogurt. How do you thik if I add ice-cream into my protein cocktail it will be healthy for me?

  11. Guest10 says:

    How long do I have to do these? Is it once a day for how ever long I want?

  12. Good post, This post clears my view about liver detox rochester ny.

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