Detox Naturally – Do you need to detox?

water_glassWe seems to hear the word detox everywhere those days.  Is our body really that intoxicated that we have to cleanse, purify and detox it once in a while?

Well, the answer is yes and no.  Detoxification is something occurring naturally within the body.  The vast majority of the toxins that the body must get rid of are naturally produced by the body itself.  Then, some other toxins sources comes from our environment and lifestyle, notably what we eat.

To detoxify our body, we do not need any special “cleanse” of “fast” or any super potion.  What we need is to understand how the body natural detoxification works, and take some actions to support this natural process.

A much better way to detoxify your body is to make small changes toward a more natural, whole food based diet.  Here’s a few tips on how to support natural detoxification with whole foods:

– Eat 1 cup of raw whole food each meal: That could be by grabbing an apple or a banana in the morning, a few carrots and  celery sticks at lunch and a side salad at dinner.

– Avoid prepackaged foods as often as possible. It taste far better, and you’ll avoid many potentially harmful additives.  Don’t like to cook?  Why not make an event out of it?  My mother-in-law and a few friends started to do this: each Sunday afternoon, they gather and cook together for the group. Cooking this way is fun, cheap, and take much less time.

– Get inspired by the color code diet: Each meal, make sure you have at least 3 different brightly colored food.

– Read the labels: The longer the ingredient list, the better chances there’s ingredients to avoid in it. The nutritional value can also give you valuable information, like the proportion of saturated and insaturated fats.

– Spice it up: Many spices contains antioxidants, and support natural detoxification. And not only can they add punch to your dishes, but it can also help you to lower your salt intake.

– Cook it the right way: Avoid browning, blackening, grilling and frying as much as possible, as they create a toxin called acrylamide, which can be carcinogen.  Choose steamed, poached or braised foods.

By incorporating those simple changes in your diet, there’s no need to starve yourself by fastening or ruining your tooth enamel with a lemon juice/maple syrup/cayenne mixture.

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