4 thoughts on “To cook or not to cook?

  1. Lisa says:

    I try to eat my veggies raw as much as possible…but prefer things like broccoli to be cooked. I try and follow what you said—sautee lightly!

    Thanks for the good tips!

  2. Indu says:

    Hi Veronica..

    I am trying to incorporate more raw. I do believe that the enzymes are what we need.. But unfortunately not possible to do so always.. I try to stir fry and steam whenever possible.. Stir fry I read seals in the nutrients due to the high heat ans]d we are only searing as opposed to real cooking..

    But I don’t know if there’s any truth to that!!

  3. lifewithnature says:

    According to the researches I read, finding the healthiest cooking method is not something simple. Some cooking methods are better if we look at the antioxidant content, some others for the antioxidant availability, and different ones for the vitamins retention. And this varies a lot according to the antioxidant or vitamin in question and is also specific to each vegetable. Generally speaking, steaming is better than boiling, and stir-fry is better than oven-bake. Between stir-fry and steam, it really depends. The oil used for stir-fry plays also a role in the vitamin retention. Higher quality oils like extra virgin olive oil seems to better protect vegetables from vitamins loss than other oils. But in the end, it’s more how cooked through your vegetables are rather than the cooking method that will make the difference.

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