Top 10 foods to detox naturally

Top 10 foods to detox naturally

One of the principal organ involved with the natural body detoxification process is the liver.  The liver works in two different phases.  The first phase of the liver detoxification is to collect the toxins from the organs and releasing them back into the blood.  During the second phase of the natural body detox, the liver filters the blood, collect the toxins and redirect them to the evacuation systems (mostly by urine, sweat and breath).

The phase one can be compared to when we collect the garbage around the house and when we put it in the trash can.  The second phase would then correspond to the garbage trucks carrying the trash cans to the landfill.  In order to detox naturally and efficiently, the two phases of the detoxification process must be equally supported.  For that, the body needs to have a good supply of nutrients that helps the natural detoxification process. Eating whole foods is the best way to insure that we have enough of the natural body detox nutrients.

Here’s the list of the top 10 foods to help the body to detox naturally.

1- Dandelion greens: contains magnesium, glutathione and 48 different nutrients that helps the detoxification process

2- Lemons: contains limonene, vitamin C, and 37 detoxification assisting nutrients

3- Asparagus: contains folate, magnesium, and is the single best source of glutathione

4- Garlic: contains allicin, quercetin, glutathione and selenium

5- Avocado: contains copper, glutathione, beta-stistosterol, folate and magnesium

6- Grapefruit: contains lycopene, glutathione, folate and naringenin

7- Watermelon: contains citruline, glutathione, lycopene and alkalinity

8- Buckwheat (or kasha): contains magnesium, rutin, chiro-inositol, alkalinity, and 35 phyto-nutrients that support detoxification

9- Cilantro: chelation action on heavy metal toxicity

10- Collard greens: contains supfurophane, folate, magnesium and alkalinity

Do you already incorporate those foods into your diet?

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    I thought there were almost just water in watermelon. I am happy to know it contains good nutrients. It is so good.

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