Best Ways to Make Your Green Healthy Smoothie

If you love green foods because of its nutritional value, you will certainly love making green smoothies. People understand that eating green, leafy vegetables are good for the body but sometimes  there are just some people who don’t really like to eat much. A good alternative is to make these green veggies a beverage that you can easily drink without chewing on them! Green healthy smoothies can give you a good source of nutritional boost from a drink instead of finding yourself drinking sodas and sweet, high caloric juices.

When making your healthy smoothies, try to mix your vegetables with coconut or milk. These are additional sources of giving good nutrients for the body. Others like adding water as their mixture base but you can always derive healthy and nutritional value from milk and coconut water. To give some added taste to your veggies, you can choose to blend them with fruits like pears, mango, kiwi or banana and then blend them away for a full packed nutritious smoothies.

Blending or juicing your smoothies are good ways of making your healthy beverage from green foods. But using blenders is a more cost effective way of making your healthy drink. Green smoothies are easy to prepare thereby making it a good way of starting a veggie diet. For a beginner in this kind of healthy diet, you can start using a ratio of 50:50 for the raw, green vegetables and fruits to mix in the blender. Adding the fruits will essentially make your beverage a lot tastier or sweeter without using sugar. This will help if you are not entirely a fan of raw green vegetables. As you get the kick of it, you can then lower the ratio of your fruits by using more greens on your smoothies preparation like 40% fruits and 60% vegetables or you can entirely use 100% vegetables for your drink.

The best ingredients for making a green smoothies are spinach, kale, cucumber, chard, and parsley. Wheat grass is also a great source with the healthy nutrients that come with it. These ingredients all blend well with each other. Take note that only green, leafy vegetables are used when making green smoothies unless you are making a vegetable juice where adding carrot juice is welcome to use as a base.

The addition of fruit when making your green beverage is mainly to reduce the bitter taste that often comes with the drink. Fruits also provide added nutrients for a healthier drink. They also make green smoothies a lot smoother and tastier. However, you can always dispense with using fruits as your base and use water instead if you are comfortable with a complete mixture of green veggies only. For beginners though, the best way to make a green smoothie is to add some fruits to make it tastier as a start.

Preparing your fruits and vegetables are easier when you are using a blender. Rinse your fruits and vegetables and then toss it in the blender. If the fruit has a rough skin, make sure to peel them off and remove pits or seeds if there are any. Some prefer to consume the stems of their greens. If you don’t like them on your drink, then you can remove the stems before blending in the mixtures. Dice the fruits if you want to. There are no hard rules when making your green smoothies. As long as you have the essential ingredients of the green veggies of your choice and fruits if you want to make a tastier green smoothies, you are ready to blend them in. Just make sure to add base to make blending the mixture easier by using water, coconut or milk for added nutrition.

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