The importance of our lymph system

Our lymph system is often forgotten until something goes wrong. However, the lymphatic function is vital to detox naturally and supports every system in the body including the immune, digestive and nervous systems.  In other parts of the world, it’s believed that lymph system is linked to a host of health concerns, from cellulite to cancer.

Our lymph system is created by a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes that are like pearls on a string.  The lymph nodes are acting as a series of cleaning filters.  In fact, we have two times more lymph fluid in our body than we have blood.  The lymph is meant to bathe cells and drains away toxins and cell’s waste. If the lymph would stop entirely, we would die within a few hours.

We must understand that the lymph system relies only on breathing and body movements to flow, as it has no central pump.  When other detox organs are not functioning properly, it can add to the lymph toxic burden.  If the lymph system gets bock because of a illness, a toxic overload or a lack of exercise, the lymph fluid can backs up and cause swelling, joint pain, nausea and fatigue.

Health problems linked to lymph malfunction

Since our lymph system acts as a general detoxification system, it can bring diverse symptoms including worsened allergies and food sensitivities, frequent cold and flu, joint pain, headaches, arthritis, edema, fatigue, depression, skin problems, cellulite and digestive problems.

The lymphatic system plays an important role into gut health and food sensitivities, as it is where much of our immunity originates.  Constipation, diarrhea and other digestive problems often hinders the lymphatic system’s ability to do its job.  If the digestive system health is compromised because of food sensitivities, parasites of stress, it will have an impact on lymph flow as well, which might lead to toxicicty symptoms and exacerbated digestive problems.

What you can do to support your lymph system

Whether you experience symptoms or not, everyone can benefit from those tips:

  • Reduce your toxic burden: Clean up your diet. Avoid processed foods, eat organic, and reduce your sugar intake.
  • Detox naturally: Supporting your detox organs such as the liver and kidneys will ease your toxic burden, and therefore, help lessen the burden of your lymph system.
  • Investigate any food sensitivities or allergies: Take medial tests or experiment with the exclusion diet to find some culprit foods.  Following an hypoallergenic diet for a few weeks can also gently cleanse your system from food irritants.
  • Drink water: Water is essential to natural detoxification, and since the lymph system is composed mostly of fluids, drinking enough water will help keeping the fluids running.
  • Breathe deeply: Breathing completely from your belly to your chest is one of the best way to activate your lymph system.
  • Exercise daily: Jumping movements, even for just 5 minutes a day, can drastically help moving your lymph system, but any other exercise done daily will help.
  • Sweat often: Saunas, steam baths, detox baths and vigorous exercises are a good way to help your body to detoxify and support the lymph function. Choose a natural deodorant instead of aluminum based antiperspirants.

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