The importance of water to detox naturally

We all heard the recommendation to drink about 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking enough water is the number one key to many common health problems such as dry skin, bloating, acne, constipation, headaches, cellulite, etc.  Some health practitioners even say that most of North Americans are living their life in a state of constant dehydration.

The thing is that we simply can’t live without water.  The major part of our body is made of it, and it is essential to our bodily functions including natural detoxification.  Even slight dehydration is known to prevent the kidneys from purifying the blood efficiently.  When we don’t drink enough water, our cells take their hydration from the blood, which burdens the heart.

When you drink water, you naturally support your main detox organs.  It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to detox naturally.  Always choose pure water to detox properly. Bottled water will keep you hydrated, but the way the bottles are cleaned can leave some toxins inside the water. The same goes with tap water; the chorine used to treat it makes it less interesting for detoxification.

On top of helping you to detox naturally, drinking water is a great tool for achieving glowing skin, optimal digestion, better immunity, weight loss, better concentration and mental clarity. I wouldn’t however suggest unsupervised water fasts as it can put the toxins back into circulation too quickly, making your detox organs working much harder to detoxify. It’s also the best way to suffer from detox symptoms.  A proper diet, rich in fiber and natural/organic food, doubled with plenty of pure water is the safest way to detox naturally.

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  1. Great article Veronica. The importance of water to detox naturally cannot be underestimated. I’m always trying to encourage those around me to drink more water. What an cheap and easy way to promote great health!

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