Cell phones with the lowest radiation

I recently posted about the many dangers of electrosmog, and cell phones are part of it.  The problem with cell phones is that we use it a lot, often close to our head, and that it’s mostly never turned off.  And bluetooth gadgets don’t help.  In fact, mostly everything wireless emits dangerous electromagnetic fields.  Since many of us can’t imagine their life without a cell phone, here’s some information collected by the EWG that can help make a better choice.

Top low radiation phones:

Phone / Radiation (Watts absorbed per kg of body weight)

1. Sanyo Katana II [Kajeet] 0.55

2. Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837) [AT&T] 0.57

3. Blackberry Storm 9530 [Verizon Wireless] 0.57

4. Samsung I800 Omnia II [Verizon] 0.62

5. Samsung Propel Pro (SGH-i627) [AT&T] 0.68

6. Samsung SGH-t229 [T-Mobile] 0.69

7. Helio Pantech Ocean [Virgin Mobile] 0.72

8. Sony Ericsson W518a Walkman [AT&T] 0.73

9. Samsung SGH-a137 [AT&T, AT&T GoPhone] 0.76

10. LG Shine II [AT&T] 0.76

Top 10 smart phones recommended by technical experts, ordered by radiation levels.

Phone / Radiation (Watts absorbed per kg of body weight)

7. Motorola Brute i680 [Sprint] 0.86

8. Pantech Impact [AT&T] 0.92

10. Samsung Mythic (SGH-A897) [AT&T] 1.08

6. Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR [T-Mobile] 1.10

5. Samsung Instinct HD (SPH-M850) [Sprint] 1.16

2. Apple iPhone 3G S [AT&T] 1.19

3. HTC Nexus One by Google [T-Mobile] 1.39

9. LG Chocolate Touch (VX8575) [Verizon Wireless] 1.46

1. Motorola Droid [Verizon Wireless] 1.50

4. Blackberry Bold 9700 [AT&T, T-Mobile] 1.55

Source: ewg.org/cellphone-radiation

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