The 5 steps to optimum health

The concept of health goes way beyond simply avoiding diseases.  To achieve a truly radiant health, we must assure that all of our body system functions optimally, alone and in synergy with others.  There are 5 major areas in which we have to be healthy to reach an optimum health.

The 5 steps to optimum health

1-    Eating healthy: Our body is composed of cells. Those cells are grouped together to form organs, and organs group together to form body systems (like the digestive system, the cardio-vascular system, the nervous system, etc…) To achieve an optimum health, we must give the right food to nourish our cells. Those nutrients come from whole, natural, unprocessed, clean and fresh foods.

2-    Doing exercise: We can’t achieve an optimum health only by eating healthy. Our body is made to move.  Exercise improve our strength, maintain our flexibility, enhance our brain capacity, and is a great way to reduce stress.  It also brings the required nutrients to our cells through enhanced blood circulation, and it also supports natural body detoxification.

3-    Cleaning our environment: The environment we live in has a direct effect on our health. The water that we drink, the air that we breathe, everything that surrounds us has an impact on our health.  Ideally, our environment should be clean and healthy. This includes green building, environmentally friendly household cleaning, reducing pollutions sources, and protecting yourself from electrosmog.

4-    Supporting our immune system: while being healthy goes beyond not being sick, we still need to keep diseases away, and for that, our best defense is our immune system. To support our immune system, we must give our body healthy food, have sufficient rest and reducing stress.

5-    Having a positive attitude: Yes, being positive can have a direct impact on our health. It not only improves our well-being, but also helps us fight against diseases. Negative thinking drains our energy and can make us focus on pain.  Positive energy is an essential key to wellness and health.

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