3 thoughts on “How to detox from MSG and aspartame

  1. Luv2run91 says:

    SO allergic! have to avoid all those like gazillions of names msg has :(

  2. Tim says:

    Good article, it is difficult to avoid it, it is everywhere. It is even in organic hamburgers from the supermarket.

  3. Joanna says:

    I recently have become very sensitive to MSG and it’s other forms . Honestly it is hard to find anything in the “typical” grocery store that has not been tainted by chemicals and or additives in some way..I want to find a way to detox myself. It is so sad that Our government does not care about us, the American people.. All you have to do is look who hold’s seats in our government/FDA, former board member’s of big Pharmacy and agriculture, Monsanto.. (conflict of interest?)…it looks bleak to me. The only way out to make your own food and or grow it! And to still read the label even if it is Organic. I have seen so many website of people speaking out against MSG and it hidden forms, It is affecting more and more people every day!

    Be strong and live strong.

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