The importance of being healthy

Why being healthy is so important?

Of course, no one likes to feel the discomforts associated with disease, and most of us share a deep fear of pain, and death, to some extent.  But there’s more to health then just avoiding death, pain and discomforts that come with diseases.  Being healthy is one of the pillars of being happy and having a successful, accomplished life.

Beyond avoiding diseases, being healthy and fit gives us the energy to live fully, as opposed to mere survival.  It’s when you have tremendous energy and radiant health that you find the courage to accomplish something great and to live up to your maximum.  It doesn’t mean that one struggling with disease can’t achieve great things.  Many of those suffering of a potentially deadly illness, like cancer, go through a life changing experience and become a true inspiration for others.  But we don’t have to go through this to be our true self and inspire others.

Something happens when everything works in synergy.

When our body and mind are at their optimal health, our way of seeing life shifts, and suddenly, the world is brighter, and an unbreakable feeling of strength and happiness sits deeply at our core.  It’s the kind of feeling many raw foodists describe.  While we don’t have to avoid cook food to achieve such feeling, being committed to our health, no matter what, is one of the key elements of the equation.  It’s when we take our life in charge and find the strength to overcome the challenges that we can have the natural lifestyle that will make the difference.

It takes courage to be healthy. It takes courage to change our habits, to get fit and to choose health over fast food. It also takes courage to overcome the fear of the opinion of others when adopting a different lifestyle, but believe me, it totally worth it. So take your own health in charge, and be the master of your own life.  Seeking optimum health is honoring ourselves; it’s to show life some gratitude.

What do you do to take care of your health?  Do you think you do enough?  Does taking steps toward a healthier, more natural lifestyle is part of your happiness?

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  1. You said this really well! All aspects of the “good” life seem to be intertwined…when we’re healthy it impacts every aspect of life. I’m always trying to do more to be healthy in many different ways—-sometimes it doesn’t feel like it is working, but reflecting on change over time reveals the progress!


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