Learning to let go

Many self help books talk about the importance of letting go.  However, it’s easier to say than to do.  And there’s nothing more frustrating than hearing someone telling you “Let it go!” when you’re stuck in a feeling.  Because when you’re stucked, it means that if it were so easy to let go, you would have done it much earlier!  However, there’s some way to trick us to let go.  I’ve talked about the Sedona Method the other day, in my post about emotional eating, and today, I have a real situation to explain you how this method works.

I have to say that yesterday has been a great day to practice letting go.  As some of you may have noticed, my site was down for a while, and I had to do an emergency server switch, which took me almost all day. There’s nothing like a real frustration to practice the method!  Anyway, maintaining anger, frustration, or any other bad feeling, won’t change a thing.  But still, just knowing this wont makes the frustration vanish instantly.

So let’s take a look on how I dealt with the anger and frustration I had against my hosting services.  Instead of turning me into a grumpy old lady, I applied one principle of the Sedona Method.  Here’s how to do it.

First, close your eyes and look into yourself.  Take a deep breath, and let the emotion be there. Accept to feel that way, just for the moment. Feeling bad is not wrong. It’s uncomfortable.  But for now, give you the permission to fully feel the emotion that is present. Now ask yourself: “Can I let go this feeling?” And listen to your inner voice. “Would I let it go?”  And listen again to your inner voice.  Don’t worry if the answer is no.  Simply ask yourself: “do I prefer to be stucked with this feeling or to bee free?” Usually it’s enough to change the no into a yes.  Then ask yourself: “When?”  And the answer is usually Now!

This looks a bit weird at first. But don’t worry, as you practice, it gets easier.

Do you have your own method to let it go?  Share it!

One thought on “Learning to let go”

  1. Thanks to share your method to let go.
    When I am upset with something, I tell myself: It is to really me who is upset , it is only my body, my thoughts, my ego . I am not this, iI am a soul in a body, I am not this body. It helps me a lot.

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