Detox Naturally – Take this Bath to Sweat the Toxins Out!

Skin being one of our largest detox organs, sweating is one of the most potent way to detox naturally.  When we sweat, the toxins are evacuated through the skin pores and flushed out by he sweat.  This is exactly why strenuous exercises and saunas are excellent methods to detox, but we can’t always have access to a sauna and sometimes we are simply too tired to exercise. In this case, a detox bath can do wonders to put you back on your feet.

There’s some times where we especially need to detox, and to do it fast, like when we feel we’re about to get a cold, or we are fighting a hangover.  In those times, taking a hot ginger bath can come to the rescue.

Ginger is a root well known for its culinary uses.  But beside its use in the kitchen, because of its potent sweat promoting properties, it can be wonderful to detox naturally too.

Ginger bath

Add ½ cup of freshly grated ginger root, or a rounded teaspoon of dried ginger, in a ht water bath. Soak yourself in it for about 15-20 minutes. Don’t stay in too long, or use very hot water if you have sensitive skin.  While excellent to detox, ginger can irritate delicate skin.  After your bath, wear a bathrobe or other comfortable clothes that you can sweat in, because believe me, you will.  Get ready to sweat out those toxins for the next hour or two.

After the ginger bath, it’s also important to replace the water you’ve lost during the process. Make sure to drink plenty of water ideally before and after taking the bath.  You can also have a smoothie or fresh fruits to replenish the minerals that have been flushed out along with the toxins.

Have you ever tried a detox bath before?  What do you think about this detox method? What would you like the results to be?

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